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Omaha Variant
10/26/2005 10:53 PM

Omaha is one of the most popular poker variations today, second only to the super-popular Texas Hold'em. Omaha is an abbreviation of the game that is also known as Omaha Hold'em, Omaha 8, High-Low split or 8-Or-Better.

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Seven Card Stud
10/11/2005 10:33 PM

Seven-Card Stud is quite an easy variation of poker. Just like in any version of poker first comes the ante. After the ante each player receives two cards facing down, his hole cards, and an additional card facing up. This initial deal is usually referred to as the 'Third Street'. The third street ...

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Texas Hold'em Poker Rules
10/03/2005 11:31 PM

A guide to texas hold'em poker rules, including the different stages of the game, how to bet in the rounds, the blinds bets and how to be the winner

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Five Card Draw Variant
09/23/2005 11:27 PM

Poker developed throughout the years by individual players, moving across the U.S on riverboats, adding their own variations and incites to the game. As a result poker is one of the most diverse and widely spread card games. In this series of articles we will try to get you familiar with the most ...

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Poker history
09/11/2005 11:25 PM

The history of poker has been thoroughly researched in order to give you this informed poker guidance.

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